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Chloe x Halle Breakdown Inspiration For 'Ungodly Hour'

The word "cute" has officially been unacceptable in describing Chloe x Halle ever since they dropped their self-produced project, Ungodly Hour.

The newest album release had a surprising sound and message about the sisters who've made the decision to step into adulthood with a more grown and sexy vibe. Halle explained:

"Everybody has this perception of us as being these two little perfect angels. For this album, we kind of wanted to show another side of us. Show the side that people do not see during the ungodly hour. You know, those late hours, you're thinking about all your insecurities and your flaws, all of the bad things and the naughty things. We just kind of wanted to put that all in the album and let people hear that side of us to see the layers that it is to be a woman."

Without dishing too much so not to get in trouble with Disney, she also shared a bit about what it was like to be in London while shooting The Little Mermaid. Halle expressed how much fun it was to have her family visit her occasionally. Unfortunately, she wasn't able to tell us how long production has been pushed back because of the COVID-19 lockdown.

Things took a personal turn with they mentioned their love lives. Chloe told how their father raised them to be "strong, independent women" so it takes a "strong" man to handle them when in a relationship. That being said, it's no surprise they admitted to not liking someone the other sister was dating at some point in time. *Enter a little Diggy Simmons shade.*

A mini breakdown of the song "Busy Boy" was brought into the chat because fans assumed it was about Chloe's former relationship with her Grown-ish co-star. We'll continue to be left guessing, because both ladies stayed hush on confirming if the digs on Diggy were accurate. One thing she did say is that he's been very supportive of the praise Ungodly Hour has received, regardless of the his backlash. We also got an in-depth look into what sparked "Wonder What She Thinks Of Me." Halle took the floor to admit it was based on a situation she went through. It's a song they described as "the perfect side chick anthem."

Find out the qualities the girls look for in a man, what it's like working with someone they see everyday, being unapologetic black women and more.