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Social Media Reacts To NFL's Hypocritical Black Lives Matter Statement

Unrest within city streets around the world have escalated. In the pursuit of justice for all those lost representing the Black Lives Matter movement, a series of riots and protests have overcome the welfare of society. Regardless, supporters everywhere have remained standing strong in their beliefs while gaining allies from various corners.

However, one unexpected (and dare I said, unwanted) supporter is NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. His Saturday statement about the "tragic events" and sympathy for protesters' "pain, anger and frustration" came randomly. Goodell probably thought he was making the right move with this public display, but coming from a man representing an organization that banned Colin Kaepernick for taking a knee for the same cause, is nothing short of hypocritical.

Of course, social media was quick to chastise Goodell for the ironic and semi-provoking message as being one of many figures utilizing the movement as an opportunity to look good.

Do you think Roger Goodell should've just kept quiet or was the statement called for? Air out your thoughts below.