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Former NBA Player Stephen Jackson Talks The Death of Friend George Floyd

The death of George Floyd at the hands of police brutality has swept the nation. Much like the recent cases of Breonna Taylor and Dreasjon Reed, friends and family have been sure to come forward in seeking justice for their lost loved ones. Former NBA player Stephen Jackson is one person who's made it his duty to speak out on the behalf of his friend, George.

Stephen explained how the pair met and bonded over their love of sports. Though they grew up in the same neighborhood, Jackson gained from opportunities that were not available to Floyd. Their high school friendship blossomed into adulthood even as the former LA Clipper shined throughout his time in the league.

George prided himself on being the protector and provider of his family and people he loved, which is why his death hit Houston so hard. Being briefly incarcerated didn't lessen that responsibility as he found himself making an effort to better his life. Stephen explained why he was eager to help his friend turn a new corner.

"He's probably the only person- being successful, you got a lot of people that call you for things knowing they don't need it just abusing your kindness. He's probably one of the very few people in my life, and this is why it hurt me so much, that genuinely supported me. When he called was for something that he really needed to better his life. When you have people like that in your life, you want to hold on to them."

Anger and frustration has been the fuel Stephen Jackson uses to make sure George Floyd's name remains respected knowing investigators may paint him to be a troubled man with a criminal past. Some important steps in seeking justice is making sure his children are taken care and pursuing the death penalty against the police officers responsible.

"I didn't make the NBA All-Star teams, I'm not in the Top 50, but I'm first in the team of common sense. And I know we not gon' get the death penalty, but I'm going for it. Because the only way that they can stop killing us, is if they see one of they own sitting at the chair and fry for something he did and knowing that could be them."

With the support of his children, Stephen's fight will continue undisturbed.

Watch the full interview above and continue to keep George Floyd's family in our prayers.