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Nene Leakes On Kandi Burruss: 'She's Never Been Number One In Anything'

The Rich Biotch is back! Mrs. Nene Leakes is fresh off the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion and she's got a lot to say.

The season 12 reunion was nothing short of entertaining for us, but draining for the star. Nene explained that the entire process was so intense that she's seeking therapy to "center herself," and not a "damage control" tactic as co-star, Kandi Burruss claims. Speaking of Kandi, the only reason she's speaking out so harshly about her frenemy is because she wants more spotlight, according to Nene "The Threat" Leakes.

"Kandi just wants to be number one. You know, she's never been number one in anything that she's done. So coming over here to my house, she wants to be number one and this seat is just not available yet. It's available when I give it to her. She's number two."

All of this animosity stems from a YouTube video Nene did where Kandi assumed she was being shaded. After an exchange of text messages, social media comments and refusal to believe the comments weren't about her, their on-again-off-again relationship was no longer peaches and cream. She went on to say her storyline has been boring so it was an easy decision for her to come for the Queen Bee.

Of course, the topic hopped over to Kenya, or Kenya "Skin" Moore, as Nene likes to call her. This pair is a match made in hell when it comes on to a friendship so it was no surprise when Leakes verbally pounced on the opportunity to clawback at Moore for accusing her of apologizing because she wasn't good enough to be on more episodes.

"I don't see us ever resolving anything. Listen, when you're on a show like this there are several different personalities. There're six girls. Everyone needs to play their position and ride in their lane. The problem is, people want to crossover into your lane. THIS IS MY LANE. YOU CAN'T GET OVER HERE. Stay over there. Be good at what you're good at. Don't worry about what I'm doing over here. Too many people are worried. These girls are all in competition. Be good at what you're good at. I'm not moving...If the show didn't want me here, then the show would take me off."

Vivica Fox got a piece of the action too. We all saw when the actress hinted at Nene having a drug problem on Claudia Jordan's (a former RHOA character) talk show, which the RHOA star replied is "very f****ed up." Especially, since she thought she and Vivica were on good terms.

"These people have fallen from grace. So who better to talk about than the person everyone is talking about?"

Shimmying back to the reunion, we also got clarity on why Nene up and left in a huff. The short answer is: they weren't playing fair. She felt there were constant topics throwing her under the bus (like her public fallout with Wendy Williams) and nothing that shined a light on what the other ladies were going through.

"They were talking about things like Wendy Williams. We've been quarantined when Wendy and I had a disagreement. It has nothing to do with the 'Real Housewives of Atlanta,' but if you wanna discuss it, okay I'm fine with discussing it. But let's discuss the s*** that happened with you since we've been in quarantine. Kandi's restaurant got shot up, so why didn't we talk about that?"

However, what really sent her over the edge was finding out another featured character named, Yovonna Momplaisir, was going to appear on the reunion, which continued to paint Nene in a negative light.

Check out the rest of the interview to check on the status of her relationship with Cynthia Bailey, her new music, and who she'd like to leave/come back.