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Kehlani Explains Being In An Open Relationship With YG & Why They Broke Up

Kehlani enters the Breakfast Club for the very first time!

Even though she admitted to being nervos, Kehlani was open to explaining what's being going on in life. The Coronavirus has been on the attack of many musical careers, but it was no match against her determination to release her most recent album, It Was Good Until It Wasn't. Equipped with a garage, desktop computer and photographer, the "Gangsta" artist produced every visual for the project in-house in order to get it out to the public during the quarantine.

A public back and forth between herself, former friend Kamaiyah followed by another with Keyshia Cole, however, wasn't on the agenda. It wasn't long ago when Kamaiyah went live on Instagram to say that she doesn't "f*ck with Kehlani," which had many confused since they were once very good friends. An exchange of shady tweets and screenshots later, Kehlani broke down what happened on BC.

"Well, me and Kamiyah did a joint project and we completed everything for the project. It was a really long, kind of exhausting situation. I had pushed my album back for the project, we had got it done and when it got to certain decisions we just weren't agreeing on certain decisions. And I got tired of getting talked to very, very, very aggressively, so I just withdrew kind of quietly and I guess that was kind of confusing for people involved in the situation."

After an old snippet of one of the tracks featuring the Keyisha Cole went viral for a second time, fans wanting more had her debating on jumping back in. Especially since Cole seemed down to revive the potential hit. Unfortunately, Kamaiyah wasn't feeling it leading to her part being removed from the song.

Te outcome an already draining process wasn't lightened now that Kehlani wasn't seeing eye-to-eye with someone looked up to.

Shooting the music video for "All Me" post-baby had Keyshia feeling insecure, according to Keh. Text messages that she wasn't afraid to share on social media, showed her being accused of trying to make Cole "look bad on purpose."

"First of all, I left before she shot her scene...I don't know what lighting someone bad purposely would be for the outcome of the video. That just isn't logical. That's such a petty ridiculous - like, what would that do?...So I hit her up and I was like, 'Yo, I just wish you would speak to me about this. I'm literally such a fan of you...' Then it was a phone call and it was still like 'You secretly hated on me. You're plotting on my downfall You're trying to turn this into some crazy sh*t.'"

Kehlani went on to explain she even offered to sit-down with the director and Keyshia to handpick approved scenes, but the "Heaven Sent" singer wasn't having it so "it was good until it wasn't."

Perfect flow into the drop of our next topic. It Was Good Until It Wasn't was created during her relationship with rapper, YG. While everyone viewed them as a west coast Cinderella and Prince Charming, their fairytale, obviously, didn't turn out to be as magical as it seemed. According to "Valentine's Day," phone snooping turned into proof of manipulative cheating and this Oakland princess wasn't going for that even though they had an open relationship.

"I think you get to certain point where if you set certain boundaries for your relationship, then that's the boundaries that you guys should hold yourselves to...If the rules and the boundaries that we set with each other says, 'This is what it is' and that gets broken, at some point I have to hold that standard to myself and honor myself and dip out."

However, she also revealed it was less about the infidelity (since she "understands the industry") and more about the simple fact that he didn't communicate it with her.

"It was a lot of lies and a lot of covering up. That's what I'm saying when I say it was deep and intricate. It wasn't like a simple I found out the basics of something. It was deep. It was intricate. It was like a big weaving of something else. That's why I never spoke up on the outside the club thing [YG kissing a woman] because that wasn't something that mattered to me. That wasn't a rule-breaking situation. I just don't feel like getting online and deeply explaining that that is not a situation that matters to me then I gotta deal with everybody coming at my mentality about an open relationship."

Being a first time mom has adjusted the singer's mindset to be more chill about hardships, but it also forced her re-evaluate the things she holds as priority in life. Crying over a man is not one.

Hear Kehlani's full explanation of her conditions for an open relationship and if she would ever get back out into the dating game.