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Social Media Reacts: Teddy Riley's Faulty Audio Issues During IG Live

Teddy Riley's big night against Babyface led to some big disappointment.

Last weekend consisted of major anticipation for the classics brawl-of-all-brawls. Two legends, 11-time Grammy winning artist Babyface was set to social media battle the mastermind behind hits like "No Diggity," "Jam," and "Ladies Night." However, it turns out Riley's major audio issues during the competition's streaming will be just as legendary as his career.

Apparently, Teddy thought he could gain the upper hand by creating more of an experience for the viewers. With background dancers and a band ready to show out, he was ready for war. Too bad his audio (which is what actually matters in a hits battle) wasn't. Instead of creating a magical vibe for adoring fans, he created some of the most meme-able moments to date Quarantine 2020.

Fans were extremely displeased with Riley and were sure to take it out on him. Between Toni Braxton going completely "AWF" on Twitter and Tyrese's advice to throw in the "tile," we're going to share the best social media reactions to Teddy Riley's sour start to a now-notorious contest.

Are you tuning in for the rematch tonight?