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Dr. Oz Shares Updates On COVID-19 Treatment & Preventative Measures

Dr. Oz isn't in the building but he is on the line. Our resident health professional called in to share some new updates on the COVID-19 pandemic. With him funding a treatment trial at Columbia University, Dr. Oz is well-versed in what's been going on with this virus that's terrified the world.

Lucky for everyone, we have a few notes you should take heed of as we continue to practice social distancing while medical providers find a cure.

1. Small studies in France and China have been showing positive turns in treatment from an old malaria drug. This can lead to a faster recovery rate and the virus becoming less infectious.

2. We're waiting for the U.S. to approve this in their own clinical trials before using it nationally.

3. China was able to report no new cases of the Coronavirus because they effectively locked the entire country down. Counties around Wuhan, the original contaminated city, never contracted it because it was contained in one spot.

4. South Korea has been able avoid the seriousness of the pandemic because they were digitally monitoring citizens by having them report on their health and controlled how quickly they received treatment.

5. Vitamin D, zinc and beta glucan in mushrooms are vital supplements in preventing common cold germs which lead to the Coronavirus.

6. Going outside is good for us as long as we are 6 feet from each other because the virus cannot live in heat.

7. Soap and water are more reliable than hand sanitizer.

Listen to the entire interview from the good doc above for more details on COVID-19.