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Yung Berg Clears Name In Assault Claims; Victim Of Attempted Home Invasion

What started as a pistol-whipping assault claim was actually a lot more sinister than what we thought.

Yung Berg, aka "Hitmaka," hit the headlines in a new way outside his musical endeavors. The hip-hop producer was accused of beating his girlfriend, which came as a shock since we didn't even know he was in a serious relationship. Talia Tilley filed reports of domestic violence against him with police but what she failed to mention was that she tried to set Berg up!

A statement from the former Love & Hip Hop star's attorney explained the events that took place at his LA County home.

"Even though it was late and approximately 50 degrees outside, Ms. Tilley strangely suggested that they get in the hot tub. Mr. Ward declined her request. After some physical intimacy. Ms. Tilley made a calculated, unprovoked attack on Mr. Ward, slapping and punching him repeatedly."
"Mr. Ward defended himself against the attack."
"In the middle of the assault by Ms. Tilley, the security alarm for the back door of Mr. Ward's house went off. The ADT security company has records of the alarm, and the home security company Ring captured video footage of two armed assailants jumping the fence into Mr. Ward's backyard, while a third man acted as a lookout. The robbers were unable to get into the house because the back door was secured by a heavy chain with a lock. Right after this alarm sounded, Mr. Ward saw one of the robbers running back from the back door towards the fence. He then heard the robbers trying unsuccessfully to kick open his front door."
"Following these startling events, Mr. Ward was able to view Ms. Tilley's phone, and saw that she had been in communication with and was sharing her location with an unknown person. This person was calling and texting her before, during, and after this attempted home invasion robbery."

Aside from clearing up that fact that Tilley wasn't even his girlfriend, Yung Berg also shared the footage of the attempted invasion from his Ring system.