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Nene Leakes, Kenya Moore's Spit Claims: 'I Will Spit On Her, But I Didn't'

The shade was kept alive and well this morning thanks to Real Housewives of Atlanta's Nene Leakes!

The OG Georgia peach has been in the game for a healthy 13 years. Being in the spotlight for over a decade has taught her a lot of things and changed her in a couple of ways, like becoming the most "meme-able" housewife. Coining catchphrases like "I'm a rich b****" and "I said what I said," came easy for the reality star who's just being her natural Head Huncho-self.

But of course, being dubbed "The Threat" wasn't an overnight call-to-action for Nene who had no problem showing us why she's earn the title of HBIC.

Nene started it off making it very clear that she has no intentions of quitting RHOA despite what her gossip guru bestie, Wendy Williams reported on The Wendy Williams Show. Leakes admitted she had an intimate moment venting to the talk show host about frustrations and did, in fact, say, "I'm quitting." However, says she was never clear about what she was "quitting."

She also spoke on Wendy's recent claims about being racially profiled at Bergdorf Goodman, but admitted to not seeing the situation how friend, Marlo Hampton, saw at the moment. While that's all good and interesting, let's get into some good ol' RHOA juice!

Honesty is the best policy and that was clear when the name Kenya Moore was brought up, where she dismissed her recent insinuations that she spit on her in an upcoming episode.

"I don't like her in real life. I don't think she's a good person and I think that she does things for the show, which is okay, but I think that you don't have to do all of that. You don't have to hit below the belt, be super nasty. I don't think any of that necessary to be on the show."
"I didn't spit on her. Now, I will spit on her, but I didn't. I did the motion like I should spit on you."

Things didn't let up after that. The 23-year-long wife even questioned the authenticity of Moore's marriage to now-estranged husband, Marc Daly because of the "mean spirited" antics she played on the show regarding other couples.

Besides dealing with pressures during the season, it's drama during the reunions that tend to send her over the edge. That's why she announced if anyone comes for her, she'll be coming back guns blazing.

"I don't like the reunion. It's not a fun place. You get there at 6 o'clock in the morning, you're there until almost at midnight. It's very stressful. It's like walking into the lions den. Everybody's got something to say and all of the producers and executives are there so the girls are trying to prove themselves. They're trying to step up, 'I want my peach next year,' they're trying to make sure they have a position, and so people are nasty. It's very nerve-recking to me."

Catch ou the full interview above for more on the status of her friendship with Cynthia Bailey, blossoming her career into other business ventures, her opinion on Kevin Hunter, and which Housewife is getting the biggest bag!