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Pete Davidson Unveils Some Intimate Truths In Charlamagne Tha God Interview

The best way to live is in your truth and thanks to Charlamagne Tha God, Pete Davidson was able to open up about living in his.

The comedian covered all the bases during this rare, exclusive interview. He started off expressing the frustration he faced with having to give attendees of his shows NDAs to avoid getting his jokes leaked. They also led into a quick blurb about his relationship drama. A moment he used to share the benefits of the former women of his life.

"I've learned a lot from the awesome chicks I've been with. They're all cool. I think you become a better version of yourself because you learn a little something from everybody."

He went on to explain that though standup is a huge part of his life, it's important for him to avoid being hurtful towards the women involved in his punchlines. However, he does deal with a "hurt ego" when people put Pete Davidson, Ariana Grande's ex-fiance, before Pete Davidson, The Comedian.

"It definitely hurts because I've been doing this for like ten years. So, it sucks for like a 6-month thing to just completely take over that. And, then, it's also just like, 'Whoa! Is he just getting this because of that?' Not a lot of people knew anything until he started dating her. So, yea it's difficult and it's defiantly a little bit of a punch in the gut because you definetly want someone to be like, 'Hey, man! Good work!'

While Pete has a lot on the rise professionally, his stay at Saturday Night Live hasn't been the most comfortable. The pressure of having to question his stance of respect within the team on the show has been a heavy weight to carry. Enough for him to admit that he can't wait to part ways with the comedic variety show.

"It's a hard thing to do because you don't want to ever pull the trigger too early, but everybody's been like, 'You'll know when you know and it'll all be alright'...I, personally, think I should be done with that show because they make fun of me on it...I get it, but I'm like cold open, political punchlines. I'm like Weekend Update jokes. When I'm not there. They'll be like, 'Ha ha ha, but Pete's a f*****g jerk face.' And you're like, 'Who's side are you on?' I have a weird feeling in that building where I don't know who's team they're playing for, really. If I'm the joke or if I'm in on the joke."
"I really wanted last year to be my last year but I'm still round and trying to knock it away."

Though his fellow cast mates have made it clear that they're happy participants in the "cut-throat" industry, Davidson has found solace in his relationship with show creator, Lorne Michaels, viewing him as a father figure.

Be sure to watch the full interview on Pete scaring people off by being too upfront about his personal struggles, "shooting the club up," his experiences in rehab and much more. Also, look at out for Pete's Netflix standup special now!