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Dwyane Wade Makes Rap Debut + Top NBA Players Who Took On The Rap Game

Dwyane Wade hasn't been an active player on the court but that doesn't mean he hasn't been keeping busy. After participating with commentary for the NBA All-Star game and publicly standing with his daughter in the LGBTQ+ community, Wade has official made his debut in music.

With the help of close friend, Rick Ross, the three-time championship holder pivoted his way into rap with their new song, "Season Ticket Holder." You'll get to hear Dwyane spit a few bars while putting on for Miami. And who better to help him than The Boss, himself, Ricky Rozay?

When Dwyane first divulged the news abut his latest project critics were quick with the Twitter fingers recommending that he stay in his lane. But we can't forget that there have been many athletes before the former Miami Heat player who've tried their hand in music. Did they form wildly prosperous careers afterwards? Eh, no exactlyt. But it didn't stop them from fulfilling a dream.

Some may even found a knack for the art creating arguments of who's the best rapping basketball player. Meanwhile, others should've just stuck to hoops. From Tony Parker to Iman Shumpert, we're in the spirit of celebrating the multi-faceted talents of some of the biggest names in the NBA. Let's pay homage to those who put down the ball and picked up the mic.