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Jay-Z Makes It Clear That He Was Not Protesting At The Super Bowl

There were so many notable moments that went on during Super Bowl LIV, but for some reason a huge topic of conversation has been focused on Jay-Z.

Instead of celebrating the gaming winning touchdown that ended Kansas City's 50-year championship drought, people are wondering why Jay and Beyonce were sitting during the National Anthem. Of course, this question comes up following the mogul's past support behind Colin Kaepernick after getting blackballed by the league. However, ever since Carter decided to join Roc Nation forces with the NFL, the same group that ostracized the former 49er's for his choice to kneel in protest of police brutality, many have been finding reasons to side-eye his moves.

Apparently, he and his family not standing during the song caused a huge frenzy within social media that seemed quite unbelievably ridiculous to him. Critics wondered is he was choosing to sit in continued support of Colin even though he led a viral press conference proclaiming that, "We're passed kneeling." The comments were enough for Jay to speak about it at a Q&A session at Columbia University.

"The whole time, we're sitting there, we're talking about the performance and right after that, Demi comes out and we're talking about how beautiful she looked and how she sounds and what she's going through in her life for her to be on the stage, we're so proud of her."

HeHe and Beyonce were actually in "artist mode" as they were more concerned about things running as smoothly as possible. The halftime co-producer continued to say there was no need for any sort of silent protest since their choice of Latina performers for the highly-anticipated show sent a message of it's own.

"I didn't have to make a silent protest. If you look at the stage, the artists that we chose, Colombian Shakira, Puerto Rican J-Lo. We were making the biggest loudest protest of all."

ButBut now that that's all squared away, the next question is, does Jay-Z really need to explain himself?