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A$AP Mob Shares Yams Stories & Rocky Talks Trump's Support In Sweden

Today was a good day because the A$AP Mob met up with the BC Gang and a lot got covered. Especially with Yams Day coming up!

A$AP Yams was a pinnacle piece to the hip-hop group. Though he wasn't exactly an artist, his "presence was a present." Before his unfortunate death in 2015 from an accidental drug overdose, the music "geek" (Ferg's words) was connected with many figures in the industry who loved to be around his vibe. A vibe that contrasted against his introverted A$AP brethren.

However, there was a genuine caring side behind the turn up man who ran the hottest sections in any club. A$SAP Ferg shared about a black book where Yams kept a list of wishes for all of his men.

"He wanted me to work with Suga Free, Missy, Busta and some other people. So I feel like as long as I'm fulfilling those dreams for him, I think those is like his collabs for me...He didn't tell me nothing about this black book. I found out from him moms."

A$AP Twelvyy added on comparing the black book to a coach's playbook.

"Yams was real strategic. He's like a coach. He's like Popovich. Every season, he go into the season like, 'Yo this is the championship year,' so he already had it mapped out. We all MVPs. He had the gameplay for MVPs. That's how that black book went."

With such a scary history of many of our favorite artists dying too soon from drugs, Rocky detailed the meaning behind donating proceeds from Yams Day to his mother's foundation, Always Strive And Prosper Foundation.

"There's no way to really say, 'Yo do drugs safely. Have fun recklessly.' It's really no way to do it. It's really a compromise, a contradiction or a paradox. So I guess the best way to do it is just through a foundation for kids who's battling drug addiction and problems like that. It's all about death prevention and overdose prevention. This was set up through his mother. We needed to leave something something back for her too."

Another scary time the Mob has faced was Flocko's unexpected lock up in Sweden. Reports of his disastrous living conditions, alone, was enough to send shock throughout every media circuit. The #FreeASAP trends on social media carried a long way that went as far as to the White House.

Once Trump inserted himself to resolve the issue, Rocky's guilty verdict didn't sound so bad since he didn't have to face prison time and got to come back home. Regardless of 45's reputation in the world, the A$AP frontman doesn't mind showing gratitude for what he did.

"I spoke to him to thank him...To Trump. I was very thankful for what happened for him supporting me. I don't agree with all the political s*** that he does at all, but I was just, like I said, thankful for everybody that was supporting me...Regardless of all the political s***, man, I kept it cordial and very respectful because I was thankful. That was it."
"Y'all gotta realize, before and after this presidency, he's gonna be the guy that was like, 'You're fired.' 'The Apprentice' and all that other s***. So he was friends with a lot of these people. Once that s** happened, everything just went south and downhill. So when I'm really in Sweden and thinking about all this political s***, I kind of was thinking it was gonna make my situation worse. But I still was thankful."

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