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Treach On His Open Marriage With Pepa of Salt-N-Pepa: 'We Had Broads'

It's always a great time getting to know the family dynamic of hip-hop royalty. Naughty By Nature's Treach and his daughter, Egypt Criss, are the prime example of the results of a strong family unit.

We got down to the nitty gritty of their Growing Up Hip Hop lives starting with Egypt's recent engagement to her rapper boyfriend, Sam Mattick. It was a love story she was happy to share from challenges of temptation to elope to coming from an "overprotective family." One example played out when her mother, Pepa of Salt-n-Pepa, shared she wasn't sure if Sam was right for the 21-year-old because she was worried he was "too controlling." It's a sensible concern seeing as the rapper experienced her own complicated relationship with her ex-husband.

It seems like being out and open runs in the family. Especially since Pepa is another person who hasn't hesitated to display her personal life for the world to scrutinize. A major part of the family's GUHH controversy was the rap legend's 2008 book which detailed alleged abuse during her marriage to the Naughty By Nature frontman. A detail he's argued against since day one by calling them "lies" and his ex-wife a "press whore." Today, he dispelled the passage: “It always started with him pulling on my hair. I guess to get a good-enough grip on me so he could smack me more easily," by saying she didn't have any hair to grab after all the damage from dyeing it.

But the cherry on top was a tidbit of intimate information about their marriage no one knew.

Finally being in a good place with the mother of his child can potentially be threatened with the upcoming Salt-n-Pepa Lifetime biopic coming out. Of course, the toxicity of their marriage is a piece of the pie that people are expecting to include that the "OPP" spitter isn't a fan of. Rather than tell a possibly false Ike and Tina-esque story, he'd rather be honest about their open marriage with different girlfriends.

"For the record, I never had to cheat on her. We had broads...I had a beautiful b****...But what happens when the girlfriend goes with the wife and then have their own plans...I just got cheated on."

He went on to explain that he had no reason to step out on his marriage because he was already "a man with two women." Pieces eventually came together when Treach linked Pepa to actually being the cheater in the 10-year-long relationship after being introduced to other men by her girlfriend and allegedly started having threesomes outside the marriage.

Whew! You just got to get into all this messiness yourself. Watch the full interview above!