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Will Smith & Martin Lawrence On Infamous 'Reggie' Scene & Biggest Regrets

We've got real life legends in the building!

Will Smith and Martin Lawerence gave us the lowdown on everything behind their latest movie, Bad Boys For Life, from face placement technology to even rumors of Will getting paid more than Martin. We also learned that Lawerence handpicked Smith to play his righthand man in the film when he was presented the original script of the trilogy. Will explained:

"Literally, it's one of those things, you know how important it is in a situation like this to have chemistry. Someone who picks up and you go in and you create a chemistry. The second we sat down it was there. It was so perfect that we knew we wanted to work together... You can't fake and you can't buy chemistry. It's like you either got it with somebody or you don't. And me and this one right here, it's like there's so much love and so much respect for each other."

That chemistry came in quite handy when it came on to everyone's favorite "Reggie" scene when the teenage boy went to Martin's house to pick up his daughter for a date and got the scare of a lifetime. Little did we know, the first-time actor's fear in the scene was genuine after watching a planned awkward exchange before the shoot. Director Michael Bay was concerned the fresh faced talent wouldn't be able to deliver enough emotion in the scene, so he told the two star veterans to have an argument in front of him right before they shot in order to capture true intimidation. Clearly it was a smart move!

The pair even went into discussing their previous sit-coms that made their marks in entertainment: The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Martin. Much to our surprise, Will, a now-NAACP award-winning actor, admitted to be "jealous as hell of Martin."

One thing they agreed on was they both had equally great shows. Another was the fact that they've definitely made some questionable choices in their careers. Will admitted he could've done without his Wild Wild West film. For Martin, not participating on the press run for Bad Boys 2 was a decision he wishes he could undo.

"I didn't go with him on the last press junket...He did it by himself and now that I see, on this press junket, all that we get to do and fun we had- It was a different time. They didn't want to fly me private. I wanted to go private. It was politics. But I've learned from that and I'd do something different."

He was also quick to clearly show his unconcern for being banned from NBC, for being too "raw" in his SNL monologue. If you're wondering how much he cares about the temporary blacklisting, he emphatically stated, "I don't give a damn!"

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