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Tiffany Haddish Talks Hooking Up With Chingy's Brother & Jewish Religion

Where do we begin with Tiffany Haddish's sit down? Probably when she started smacking Charlamagne The God's ass mold. Yes, that's a perfect start.

The Like A Boss star brought lots of laughs and great energy for her Breakfast Club interview.It seems like the butt mold is the easiest action she's found in a while since her rise to stardom. Tiffany listed her semi-tough criteria of the perfect man for her. Of course, we had to get an update on the Chingy situation after he claimed to never had slept with the actress before fame, as she shared last year.

"I don't really want to make him famous...You know what's funny is he didn't remember. And then his brother had said something to him and he [Chingy] slid in my DMs. I could show you the DMs. He slid in my DMs like, 'We need to have a conversation. I don't know what the hell you talking about. You was into my brother.' I was like, 'No, no. I was with you first. Then, you hump my homegirl so then I humped your brother."

Moving on to a more, let's say, proud moment in Tiffany's life came her introduction to the Jewish religion. The influence of meeting her Christian-Jewish father for the first time at 27-years-old welcomed a new perspective on life. Being able to be a part of a religion that allowed her to celebrate her adulthood, which is a rare concept in the black community, enforced her urgency.

Ironically, it's the black community who hasn't been receptive of the comedian's choice of lifestyle because of the common disassociation if African Americans and Judaism. However, she hasn't found the same pushback in the Jewish community.

"Most have embraced me and been very happy about it. Happy that I'm talking about it, that I'm bringing awareness to it, bringing people closer to it. Just a few things like people like, 'Oh it's your dad. It doesn't count.' But if you go back to when that was determined, when that law was implemented that you're only Jewish if your mother is Jewish, you have to remember there was no DNA testing. You know the saying, 'Mama's baby. Daddy's maybe.' You don't know where mama been...But if you read the Torah, if you read the Bible, it's whatever your father is."

Watch the full interview above for her hilarious strip club story, the last time she jacked a guy off, and her views on when it's time to cut off a friend!