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Lil' Mo Gets Candid On Her Drug Addiction & Abusive Relationship

Never shy from sharing her personal stories or speaking her mind, it was an absolute pleasure to have Lil' Mo along with Jessica Dime on the Breakfast Club. The two Love and Hip Hop alumni are riding the music wave with their newest collaboration, "Drop It Low."

Aside from their separate journeys on LHH, they've also bared the most intimate parts of their lives on Marriage Bootcamp. That's where Mo allowed us in to see what type of life she was living with now-ex-husband, Karl Dargan. And trust us when we say it wasn't pretty.

Fast forward to the new year and 2020 is starting off strong for the singing mother of five. Feeling stronger thanks to her divorce from her abusive partner, it came natural for Mo to give an even deeper dive into her life. Here's a list of things we learned today.

  • Lil' Mo and Karl weren't together during their promotion tour of Marriage Bootcamp last year. A big part of their issues was his "jealousy" and not living up to his full potential.
  • Mo's dealt with abusive behavior like being spat on in front her kids in March 2019, which was the "last straw" for her causing her to leave.
  • She depended on opioids to deal with her every day depressions because of the struggles in her marriage to the point where she was a "functional addict."
  • Mo experienced an overdose scare when someone sold her a fake pill
  • One domestic dispute resulted in Karl threatening to kill her and her running away to her manager's house for safety.
  • Lil' Mo was forced to take the cold turkey route in kicking her addiction when her manager locked her in her mother's basement until she was clean. This included a point where she just waned to die.
  • Karl was caught paying rent for women he was cheating, but wasn't providing for his own family. There was even a point where she was the sole provider as she traveled from Philadelphia to D.C. while hosting a morning radio show.
  • She considers herself possibly toxic to Karl for allowing his behavior and constantly bailing him out of jail.

Check the interview above for even more with Lil' Mo and listen to her new single.