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Angie Martinez Is Back!

After surviving a terrifying car accident, Angie Martinez made her official debut back on the mic this week!

News of the entertainment legend's wreckage was just as shocking as it was horrendous. Angie returned to Power 105.1 on Tuesday explaining restricted details of what happened from her car flying 10ft in the air to her hard times in recovery.

“I can’t say too much, because insurance is still dealing with stuff, but my car, I was swerving out of the way to miss another car and I flew over a wall,” she said on-air. “It was like a 10-foot wall, and then the car dropped straight down.”

She went on to be express how grateful she was that she was wearing her seatbelt. More importantly, how God was on her side as rescuers had to cut down tress just to get her out of the car with a shattered vertebrae.

Her path to 100% recover hasn't been an smooth one. However, nothing was going to stop the Untold Stories of Hip Hop creator from get there especially since her situation could have been much worse.

“The thing is, you get a little bit better, but then you have to work a little bit harder in physical therapy. So, it’s a process that I’m so happy to have... I’m very grateful.”

Having such a supportive work environment also made her urge to get back at it ten times bigger.

Welcome back, Angie!