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Top 10 BC Interview Moments of 2019: #1 Soulja Boy Makes The #1 GIF of 2019

So you thought we were going to have a Top Interview list and not end it off with Soulja Boy?! You must be crazy!

Soulja was on a sort of a press tour this year chiming in the one of most important issues anyone was focused on at the time: Who had the best comeback of 2018? Before long we were taking on a journey of wild tangents about the Atalanta rapper being the only artist people should be talking about.

He went in on a lot of your favorites, but when Drake got in the mix...Well, we all know what happened there. We were all blessed with the meme of all memes.

But you know the most interesting part? Despite being have a bit of a reputation for being a social media clown, the "Pretty Boy Swag" found made a lot of points the even had Charlamagne tha God falling out of his chair. And we're not talking about from laughter.

Relive the legendary interview above and have a prosperous New Year!