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Top 10 BC Interview Moments of 2019: #2 DaBaby Say He's Da Best

DaBaby made sure he made his official mark in the industry by showing out on the Breakfast Club, even though Charlamagne wasn't sure if he was ready. But like he said, "You must not know bout DaBaby."

Besides his strong religious beliefs, it's that confidence that's gotten the North Carolina rapper as far as he's been so far. His self-esteem stems back to when he referred to himself as BabyJesus when he first started rapping because he was sure he was on Earth for a higher purpose. Self-promoting antics even went as far as wearing a diaper in public as part of his brand to represent his name appropriately. I mean what's more confident than a grown in a diaper in Jays at SXSW?!

Not overthinking, making premeditated moves, and just not caring made easy decisions on how the BOP rapper moved. He admitted to no regretting anything because the place where he is now was only paved by having that mentality.

"Now that people see the way I put out videos and my creativity level, they get it.Then, it was just simply me that's what I do all day every day. I think about ways to take over. Six months later, you got somebody that dropped that got rainbow hair and I'm like, 'Told y'all!' It's about not caring, but if you can do that. Not everybody can do that and handle that and still be themselves."

Obviously, we had to dive into his proclamation of being the "best m*****f****n rapper" and why not getting a stamp of approval from peers in the game yet isn't swaying his stance.

"I don't you bout that pressure. I love it. I ain't trippin. If you a rapper and you don't walk around feeling that way, we ain't cut the same. You ain't gonna understand me noway. There ain't no point in me trying to see eye-to-eye with you. You ought be feeling the same way."

And that's on period! Watch the full sit down above!