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Top 10 BC Interview Moments of 2019: #6 Kevin Hart Talks Oscars Debacle

A major moment in any actor's career is being asked to host the Oscars in 2018. When Kevin Hart received the honor, it was an obvious win for him but things took a turn when a bunch of old "homophobic" tweets resurfaced from his past.

The climate was slowly getting to the sensitive state that it is in now so an apology was asked of the comedian. While it was seen as a necessity for some, Hart didn't feel the same and refused since he already addressed the tweets previously. Backlash hit that followed, as we all know, him not hosting the Academy Awards which was something Kevin said he'd never do even if the producers asked to.

It was a frustrating fiasco for the actor, who was able to take a lighthearted approach to talk about the tiresome subject.

"This s*** has taken my celebrity to another level. I'm talking walking in the street, you just hear people in the car like, 'Do it, man! Come on, Kev! Host the Oscars, man!'...This s*** is so big to the world! It's been headline news for the longest. I was on Sway and they wanted to talk about it. I was like, 'Didn't it just break that R. Kelly was doing some more s*** with these kids? Why do y'all care about me and these tweets, man?!'"

He went on to express how "weird" these times are remembering back when apologies weren't so feigned after for every little insensitive comment. The Jumanji actor suggested the current changing times need to be re-examined since it wasn't long ago when a simple, "oops, my bad," would have been good enough.

"When did that become the thing that was overlooked? We're living in a really weird time, I think we need to go backwards a little bit. When I say 'backwards a little bit,' I'm saying to remember that this wasn't always the way of the world."

Re-vist Kevin's perspective of the Oscars debacle and how he moved on.