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Top 10 BC Interview Moments of 2019: #5 Killer Mike Loves Love

It was a good ol' time having Killer Mike in the studio. He spread positive vibes starting from the ability to turn his hood brand into a legitimate business with Crip-a-Cola to wanting to see more support in the community.

The topic of interracial relationships came up with the Trigger Warning creator where he spoke on his views of interracial relationships. Though he's proudly married to a black woman and describes the attraction based on the individual, it's a concept he's not completely against. As long as the love is real and each person knows the cultural knowledge/ acceptance they need to have for one another. Angela Yee, who's mother is black and father is Chinese, was used as a perfect example.

"There's two kinds of white people. There's white people who love me and want everything to be fair and there's John Brown. So which one are you? I don't think you don't like me or hate me. But are you willing to be John Brown for me? So culturally, her parents did something brave at a time where it might not have been brave. One of her parents had to make a conscious decision, 'I'm breaking from my culture. I'm choosing to identify because I'm with this person...This is what it is.' You gotta ask yourself, 'Am I willing to toe that line if it comes down to it?'"

The conversation led into black children being exposed to their African American culture while in private surrounded by white children. Angela spoke on her experience dealing with racism at her predominately white private school after leaving public school in 7th grade. So what came next? Killer Mike preaching about using the N-word. Catch it all above!