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Top 10 BC Interview Moments of 2019: #4 50 Cent On Kicks Wendy Williams Out

The King was in and listeners couldn't wait!

Following the whole Power theme song remix debacle, people couldn't wait to hear what was going through his mind. It was a regrettable mistake that we all know 50 Cent recognized and took accountability for since he really cares about how his fans feel. But someone's feelings he could care less about is Wendy Williams.

Everybody showed out for his Tycoon pool party, including the self-made talk show icon. Unfortunately, nobody prepared her for a big "No way" denial of access to the festivities. To out salt in the wound, Fif even documented the awkward moment with a very harsh caption.

Even though she and her son, Kevin Jr., were able to snap a picture with Snoop before being escorted out, it was hard not to find his 50's reaction to his nemesis entertaining.

Of course, they had to touch on his very public antics of calling out other celebrities who owed him money. It's a petty way to go about collecting debt, but once he explained the rational, it's easy to get behind him. And learn never to ask for more than you're able to pay back.

"When you have success, you can't have it without jealousy, without envy, or entitlement. Entitlement being the scariest part because it's grown in someone you love dearly. That is what makes people look at you and go, 'Ah he got it so it's cool. You should excuse it.'...When you make a mistake, you have to identify with the mistake."

The entire interview was a ball, but check out how other people found themselves on the Do Not Invite list, like Bow Wow, and touch on the Teairra Mari mess.