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Top 10 BC Interview Moments of 2019: #9 Sparkle On 'Surviving R. Kelly'

Astounded and appalled are the two words to best describe how the world felt after watching Surviving R. Kelly. The controversial documentary shared the untold side of women who fell victim to the once-beloved legendary singer, now viewed-predatory monster. 

Sparkleplayed a key role in Kelly's musical storyline as a background singer for many of his projects, including for the late-Aaliyah. But most recently, she found herself in the spotlight telling what she experienced during her professional career. Of course, most notably, the fact that her niece was the underage girl in the infamous sex tape.

Sparkle broke down the events that led to her calling the Department of Social Services when concerns about her niece being at the studio without parental supervision were ignored by the child's parents. There were ample moments in her Breakfast Club interview that shocked listeners. Even though she wasn't a sexual assault victim, Sparkle witnessed her own verbal and mental assault in an unformidable way as record execs met with her and her family to discuss the release of her second album.

"We sitting there. Barry [Hankerson] trying to get us back on track and everything, to see if this can happen...The killer for me and I should've took heed at that point, was he sat there and speaking to me and my parents and he told my mom and my dad, 'Your daughter's so fine, I jerk off just looking at her.'"

That was just the tip of this twisted iceberg. Catch the full interview above.