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Top 10 BC Interview Moments of 2019: #8 Offset Speaks On Infidelity

It takes a strong man to admit when he messed up. It takes a stronger man to admit when he sees to grow up. But it take s phenomenal man to do it all in the public eye. Though his slip ups weren't graceful, Offset made the best attempts possible to right his wrongs.

One of these steps meant coming on the Breakfast Club and take accountability for cheating on Cardi B. The couple went through a very public break up after Cardi gave birth to the couple's first child together, Kulture. Even though they were still technically married during the split, the one third Migo was deathly afraid of permanently losing his wife forever. Especially since she had people in her ear trying to convince her to leave him. That was one of the pinnacle moments where Cardi's love for her husband was beyond real.

"You gotta be a man, like I said, with it. You gotta step forward and face what it is you gotta face. It is what it is. Everybody can go against you. It ain't about that. It's real. This is love. You can't find that right now. Right now, I'll never find a girl that love me. Ever. You'll never get that feeling. I never wanna lose that feeling. Love is a beautiful thing. N***** try to be cool...but, bruh, we get hurt too. And we can say it. It's okay, dog."

The entire interview was very delightful to watch. We got to see a different side of Offset away from his glamorous rap lifestyle as he seemed about fatherhood and his first solo project, Father of 4.