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Dr. Umar Johnson Is Dropping Gems & We're Catching Them

Dr. Umar Johnson has returned to the Breakfast Club to spread nothing but "peace and black power."

We jumped right in with Dr. Johnson speaking on his thoughts about black politicians who represent the Democratic Party and he admitted to not voting for candidates just because they're black. He, instead, seeks if they are free thinkers. He even went on to advise black voters to give time to both Dem and Republican voices in order to see who's stance is actually worth our vote.

"The problem today, is black people are married to the Democrats even before you hear the agenda. So they don't have to take you seriously because they know you will be there. It's like being in a relationship with a woman who you take advantage of. It doesn't matter how many times you step out on her, when you get home you know she's going to be there. Black America is the Democratic Party's cheap prostitute."

The author also identified the 5 major problems affecting Black America: mass incarceration, miseducation, gentrification, access to death and police genocide. With this in mind, his only concern is to know what plans do the candidates have to solve those issues which are the "backbone of white supremacy."

"If he ain't got a plan for any one of those five, I can't vote for you. And guess what. 99% of black politicians don't have a plan for any of those five...It's the backbone of political-economic disenfranchisement of black folks. If you deal with any one of those five, you are the weaken the fiber of white racism's control of domination over black existence."

Stepping away from politics, Umar touched on his long bloodline relation to Fredrick Douglas. The history maker can be thanked for leading a power path of freedom and hope to runaway slaves, but one thing the doctor isn't a fan of is Douglas' marriage to his white wife. After explaining his 50-year marriage to his first wife, a black woman named Anna Marie Douglas, he spoke on the behalf of his brother.

"If Fredrick Douglas was alive, I think he would admit too that that was one thing he wish he would've undone. Because if Fredrick Douglas had never would've married that white woman, he would indisputably be the greatest black leader that ever walked this country."

There was a lot of passion when it came to the importance of education and influential figures, like Lebron James and Diddy, not doing more to help charter schools that have been shut down for "financial mismanagement." He believes if they used their finances to start independent schools, they'll leave a legacy that gives the future an opportunity to thrive. He shared similar sentiments about gentrification within HBCU's being turned into PWIs. One he named was Howard University.

"I believe the United States government has its sights on Howard University and if we do not protect it, sooner or later that will be a PWI. But there's so many more. It's not just those. There're others. And even the ones that are not going to become PWIs, they're being threatened with being shut down. And to me, that's unjustifiable because of the amount of young black millionaires that we have. Look at all the rappers and athletes and entertainers and models and singers that we have. Why can we divide up HBCU amongst our millionaires."

There's so much to catch up on and while we wish we could write out all the gems here, we have to admit it's just too much to handle. That's why we'll leave it you to check out the interview for yourself above!