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Top 10 BC Interview Moments of 2019: #10 Blueface's Girlfriends

Blueface Baby took being "every woman's fantasy too heart.

There were a bunch of, let's say. interesting, moments from the sit-down with Blueface. Starting off with him trying to clarify all the earlier social media craziness between his mom and sister to proclaiming himself as "the best lyricist." But it was his candid explanation about his love life that had a lot of people locked in.

The west coast rapper cam forward since everyone was already curious about the rumor of him have two girlfriends. It was the viral fight he had with his sister that brought it to light. Kali wasn't fond of the ladies in her brother's company and once that known, all hell broke loose. Hence, the infatuation of figuring out if Mr. Bust Down really had 2 live-in girlfriends.

Just the idea of having a beautiful woman on their arm is only a fantasy for some men. But we're talking about Blueface, people.

The self-admitted "dirtbag" explained to the crew that one was his child's mother and the other was another female the BM already knew about. So obviously being the boy-scout he is, rather than lying to either lady abut his antics, he figured they might as well be one big happy family.

Fast forward, and the unique thrupple have called it quits in June. Even though the romance is gone, the tattoo one of the ladies got of Blue will last A LOT longer than their love.