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Antonio Brown Swears Off White Women & Baby Mama Chelsie Kriss Responds

It sounds like Antonio Brown is no longer down with the swirl.

The former NFLer has had a lot of time on his hands. Since he's not using them to throw around the ol' pigskin, he's been putting them to work on Twitter. In a mess of recent tweets, he made a point to let it be known that 2020 is bringing about a shift in his love life.

Guess he's trading in his mayo for hot sauce.

It might be great for those who are all for black love, but the mother of his three children, Chelsie Kriss, wasn't feeling the announcement. Mostly the part where he at Google declaring her as "just Baby Mama 3." She sent her own subliminal on her IG story saying "You found somebody to help you get over me and I got over you by finding myself! We are not the same." It's pretty harsh for him not to claim her in such a public way because she still has very loving pictures of themselves on her page. Though they're clearly not together they still seem to have a normal co-parenting relationship.

So long do you think Boomin can stay on track with this New Year's resolution? Who knows? Maybe City Girl JT can guide him.

Photo: Chelsie Kriss IG (@chelsie)