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Obie Trice Steps In For Eminem With A Special Message for Nick Cannon

It's a tag team we weren't expecting, but we're also not mad at.

Eminem's very public, old beef with Nick Cannon led into a battle that we can't tell is serious for the rapper or just a fun way to kill time. However, it's been made very clear the Wild n' Out host refuses to let this fight be resurrected without at least attempting to crucify his foe.

As we all know, Slim allegedly had a shady (no pun intended) past with Cannon's ex, Mariah Carey. We'd all love to know the scandalous details about any secret rendezvous between the polar opposite pair, but it seems like it's something Eminem would rather take to the grave. Good news for Mariah, but if Nick keeps pushing his buttons, he might let out those skeletons in the closet.

Hopefully Nick's latest diss won't be the straw that breaks the camel's back. "Pray for Him" featuring The Black Squad comes at the "Kamikaze" spitter in a way no one's seen before. From jokes about his physical appearance after allegedly getting Botox to even accusing Em of being a white supremacist, if there were any points lower than the belt Nick would have no problem hitting them.

Let's see if Mr. Entertainemnt will come at Obie Trice too. Yes, you read that right. Obie Trice, former Shady Records artist, stepped up for his fellow Detroit brethren to rip his opponent a new one. He went about calling Cannon and his associates "wack" and "trash" before divulging how his "homie used to beat his [girl's] ovaries." Whew, just let that sink in.

And did you really think this could go on with one of Mather's closest associates, the King of Trolling, 50 Cent, chiming in? Let's see how far this is going to go.