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Roddy Ricch On Meaning of 'AntiSocial' & Relationship with Nipsey Hussle

Roddy Ricch is on a musical roll so we were happy when he chopped it up with the Breakfast Club.

The Please Excuse Me For Being Antisocial artist chatted with the crew, but don't let the title of his new album or soft tone fool you. Roddy has been BUSY busy as he's earned a total of three Grammy nominations. Surely he's making his inspiration, Kendrick Lamar, very proud. Aside from his uncles, the fellow Compton artist played a role for Ricch while coming up in Compton, CA. He admitted Lamar was the only rapper he really saw around and even rapped for him when he was about 12 or 14-years-old. Now that he's reached such a high point in his own still-budding career, Roddy being able to reconnect with Kendrick held a new meaning.

"I really just asked him s*** about family, how to deal with certain s*** with your family. Coming in, where can I put my money that would be good for me. Because I know he not gon' steer me wrong. He's not a person that's gon' come into the light and misguide me. Because he doesn't come out for a lot of people."

Of course, growing up in the birthplace of so many west coast greats couldn't have happened without Nipsey Hussle's influence rubbing off on him. DJ Envy asking if his dream was to sign with Dre was where the "Out The Mud" rapper explained his much bigger goal.

"I always wanted to sign myself and be an owner. Nipsey taught me that, for sure. Dr. Dre is a legend in the city and always will be. At the end of the day, he knocked down doors for all of us. But one thing that was taught to me was always be your own boss and always understand where you want to be. Never let another man be in control of your situation."

Roddy also took the time to clear up what exactly he means when he describes himself as antisocial. He's aware that he can come off as off-putting for people who don't know him, but it's really just a defense mechanism now that he's found himself in the spotlight with unfamiliar people in his face. TRANSLATION: If we know you, it's all love. If not, "we're cool."

Watch Ricch dive deeper into his relationship with Nipsey, what pushed him to pursue his career in music while growing up in Compton, always staying positive and wanting to serve as an inspiration for others.