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Fat Joe & Dre Pop In To Talk 'Family Ties' & Retirement

With a fresh new album out, it was clear that Fat Joe and Dre's visit to the Breakfast Club was due.

Joe headed straight in with details on the cinematic making of "Deep" off of Family Ties. Irv Gotti's directorial project showed a chaotic side of what happens when you mix love, betrayal and a pinch of murder to spice things up.

The album is a special piece Joey's extremely excited and proud to share with fans who've been waiting on a project with he and Dre for quite some time. Between busy schedules and work travels, there finally came a time when they both buckled down and got to business. Joe admitted he stresses people explaining:

"Dre, if me and you do an album- you and Cool are super producers. Don't think the producers ain't gon' listen to the album for the beats. Mentally, I was thinking Chronic, I was thinking Kanye, like how the music changes and all that. I was just pushing the guys...It's a classic. It's the best album on the streets. I'm taking no talkback."


The "baby" they have, now, is itching to be debuted to the world. Especially when it comes on to hitting everybody with a track featuring the "lyrical disrespectful" Eminem and a legend you've never heard the rapper collaborate with before! Joe bragged:

"I mean we got the G.O.A.T. We got Eminem on there going crazy. He rhymed for about 60 bars. He's going bananas. Then, we got Mary J. on the same track going to church."

Now, Joe's been a player in the game forever. When it comes to longevity and staying relevant, he's a clear figure to seek out for gems on keeping a healthy, thriving career. Not surprisingly, it's something he humbly gives credit to his family for.

"I have to thank my whole entire family...Because I've been selfish with this music thing. It's a game where, if you go away for six months, you come back, you off beat.You don't know what's going on. So I've been in the studio every night, I've been in shows every night for 20-something years...You gotta think, my wife she wants to spend time with her husband. My kids want to spend time with their dad...I've been very selfish, so I thank them for allowing me to live my dream."

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