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Blac Youngsta Talks Personal Growth & Inspiration Behind 'Church On Sunday'

Not all change is welcome, but Blac Youngsta makes us want to take a deeper look in the mirror.

With Youngsta's album, Church On Sunday, on the way, he's been promoting a different wave of maturity. Let's start off with the fact that he's noticeably slowed down his antics on social media. The rapper admitted wanting to grow played a vital role helping him become the man and artist he wants to be.

"You got to know when it's time to move on to the next step. Some people get stuck doing the same thing. There's something they want to do so bad and they feel like can't go too far doing what they're trying to do. So they keep doing it, keep doing. Before they know it, they kill themselves."

Another credit well-deserved to his change of life choice is due to Yo Gotti. The Memphis artist was sure to recognize the man who's music group he joined in 2015. Gotti took on the role as somewhat of a personal growth mentor for the then-hot head.

"One thing about me that people don't be knowing, is you can say something about me on the internet, at one point. I'm one of those type of people that be like 'Iight. When your ass, I'm gonna smack the s*** out you.' But I don't say it. So people think when I don't be responding, I ain't stuntin' it...When he seen how s*** got me upset, it rattled me. He was like, 'Bruh, you can't be like that.' He taught me how to deal with Instagram...That's one thing I salute him on...I get advice from him, but mostly just how to stay out of trouble and leave the bulls*** alone."

Quitting drinking lean has also helped Blac Youngsta live a healthier lifestyle he can be proud of. However, experiencing everyday struggles that were foreign to him after establishing his rap career brought a different perspective of life to Blac. Besides fighting different charges, losing his second brother was a frustrating, yet eye-opening time for him. Naming the album Church On Sunday gave him the opportunity to show "there's more to him than just a smile and a laugh." That's why he's proud to be able to show off his ability to be serious as fans were surprised to see through "Court Tomorrow."

Find out more about Blac Youngsta becoming an ordained minister, upcoming tour dates and a dark time when he wanted to give up on music. Also make sure you cop Church on Sunday when it drops November 29th!