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Jacquees Speaks On Dissing Keith Sweat & Getting Checked

King Jacquees is in the building and, though he was tardy for the party, we were all anxious to hear what this controversial R&B "supreme" had to say.

Of course we're starting off with his cringy run-in with Keith Sweat. The moment Jacquees proclaimed his spot as the King fo R&B, music fans/peers from far and wide jumped in the conversation with their own opinions: most of them being disagreements. However, Quees stayed solid in his beliefs. But it was the moment legendary Sweat had to check him when he knew he let it go to his head.

After wrapping up a show in Atlanta and heading backstage, someone pointed out Keith as "the King of R&B." Hyped up from the crowd (and most likely pride), Jac corrected the blunder right in front of the icon before walking off. It took someone on his team telling him who he was talking about for the singer to go back and apologize. Meanwhile, Keith was ready to show this new ruler exactly who the boss is.

"So I went back out there, Sweat put me in the corner he like...'Lil n**** you know who I am?' I'm like, 'Yeah.' He like, 'Man, nah n****, you know who I really am, though, n*****? You heard of Silk, n****?'"

A quick slap on the crown was all the OG needed to hand over before advising him to remember who he's talking to and admitting that he's a "smart" guy who he "rocks with." We also learned we can look forward to a new collab with Jacquees' R&B group, Bluff City.

Moving on to some good and petty fun, the people want to know what the artist thinks about YK Osiris claiming he's the actually King of R&B, while Jacquees just want's to know, "Who is that?"

This ties in with the fact that he believes he gets credit from his current generation, but not from everywhere he deserves.

"I think my generation loves me, honestly. We just got to pull in everybody else. I think my music's going to solidify all that. Cause now, I'm a household name for real. Like I go to the mall, I take pictures with the mama, the daughter, the father, so it's like, I just got to bridge the gap between everything so it all comes together. I make the type of music everybody loves so I know with this one, we're going to bridge the gap for real."

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