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Patti LaBelle Reminisces On Her Relationship With the Late-Aretha Franklin

The queen is in the building! Ms. Patti LaBelle has arrived!

We're starting the new month off with a legend. And who's a better person to chat with before Thanksgiving season than the godmother of soul AND the kitchen?

Ms. LaBelle stepped right up to discuss her new frozen soul food dinner line. Be ready to walk into your local Walmart and ask for "Patti's dinner" because she's got everything covered from gooey Mac and cheese and greens to different types of cornbread. And if you think playing around in the frozen section can become icy, you won't have to worry about poor quality food while Patti's around.

"I am never going to be embarrassed about the food I put out to the public because my name is on it and I cook my face off."

After stuffing their faces with some samples, the crew moved on to asking the almost 60-year-long entertainment veteran what the key to a timeless career is. She answered believing in yourself is a must and a perfect example of that tenacity is Tyler Perry, who recently welcomed his own film studio to the world.

"He just believed in himself. And He said even though he didn't have anything, he said, 'I could get a lot more if I keep on believing in myself. And he's a believer...He's amazing."

Now we already heard that "I Will Always Love You" was originally offered to Patti by Dolly Parton, but ended up getting annihilated by Whitney Houston. But a new industry secret we learned was "Nobody's Supposed To Be Here" was also handed to her before she politely declined and Deborah Cox picked it up.

"Montell Jordan wrote it and called me and played it over the phone and I said, 'Ouu I don't like that song.' He said, 'What?!' I said, 'I just don't feel it. Maybe it's not my time to listen to music.' Sometimes you have that thing in life where music just doesn't settle in your ear right and after I didn't do it and Deborah did it and I slapped myself. But it was her beginning so I was happy I let it go because Deborah got a chance to show how fierce she is."

Ms. Patti was also sure to put any questions to bed about whether or not she and the late-Aretha Franklin really didn't get along. At the end of the day, she explained there was nothing but love between the two icons. In fact, she named her the best vocalist of all time because she, "just has something from God that nobody has."

Aside from dominating a kitchen, Patti will be busy blessing our TV screens. Family Christmas is a Hallmark family holiday film ready to debut December 20th. She's casted alongside Holly Robinson Peete as her niece.

Be sure to catch the full interview for an intimate slice of Patti's pie...oops, I mean life. Sorry, still hungry.