Kash Doll Talks Drake Trying To Help Her Out Of Label 2-Year Contract

A disappointing record deal and sketchy figure heads weren't about to keep Kash Doll down.

She made that very clear in her interview with the Breakfast Club after finally getting herself out of a limiting 2-year-contract. Time and time again, you probably heard a bop from Kash Doll drop, but she still didn't reach her full potential of status. What's worse was sometimes the song would *POOF* disappear. You can thank her former unnamed local label for that. Fortunately, the "Run Me My Money" spitter didn't stick around and handed over what she needed to get out of the deal.

"It taught me how to surround myself with the right people. Because I could've went crazy, but I needed those people around me to keep my spirits up...and I just really don't want no other artist to sign any papers without having a lawyer. You can't believe what nobody say. You can't buy these dreams a person is telling you just because they're saying that they're going to give a certain amount of money and they have these connections."

Now, a fresh start is on the horizon with new label, Republic, and let's not forget about her debut album, Stacked, that features Summer Walker, Lil Wayne, Teyana Taylor, Trey Songz and Big Sean.

Things weren't always fabulous for the iced out artist. She spilled all the tea about when she used to be an exotic dancer and how that's where she found her confidence as she matured.

"I wanted that cheese...I like nice things. It's in me. I can't help it...I went in there and that changed my life. I got the confidence probably like a good more than two hours after I was in there, but I used to go in there and have to take like at least four shots of liquor before I could even deal."

"It got to a point where I ain't have to do that s**t no more because I was so popular, I only danced on stage. I only got booked to come out so I was getting $1,200 to come out. I never worked the floor. It was like, 'I'm that b***h. You can't touch me. You can only see me on stage. And I'm on stage and I make all the money and then I leave."

Catch Kash breakdown the motivation behind "For Everybody," fighting a case for beating a man who blackened her sister's eye, and how Drake slid in her DMs and brought her on to the Summer '16 Tour.