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Benjamin Crump Talks Book 'Open Season' & Biases In 'Stand Your Ground' Act

The man behind some of the biggest social justice cases to date stopped by The Breakfast Club.

Benjamin Crump has undoubtedly made a name for himself in the judicial system as a person who will fight until his knees go weak. Representing in monumental trials for Trayvon Martin, Stephon Clark and Michael Brown, Ben's long experience in and out of the courtroom has given him a front row view of the biases within our world.

The attorney's new book, Open Season, exposes readers to some hard truths that will really force them to pay attention. One major point he made was the importance of effectively showing America the hypocrisy within the judicial system regardless of the fact that it's the U.S. government that made those same laws. And a group of people who aren't letting up in this fight? The current generation of young people.

"You all remember the killing of Mike Brown. What really helped me inspire to write this book was the young people. They just refuse to remain silent."

Crump went on to reminisce about a young man who approached a line of assault rifle-holding National Guards in Ferguson, yelling to "go ahead and kill me now! You're going to kill us when the cameras go!"

That was the lightbulb moment that changed Benjamin's approach to making a difference.

"I remember thinking 'That is so important. The world needs to see how they're killing us because some of them don't understand.' They think that things are not as bad as they say...They think we're trying to race bait. Look at the imperial evidence."

The full sit-down details Ben's first interaction with the "Stand Your Ground" Act, where an innocent man defending his neighborhood was fatally shot by undercover cops, as well as his view on the disproportionate rate of minorities killing police officers.

Ample gems were dropped in this video, so feel free to be greedy and collect them all!

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