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Meek Mill Says He Used to Lie to Girls About Being Signed With Jay-Z

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It all starts with a meme. Working with Jay-Z is a huge accomplishment due to the proximity of being close to an established rapper alone. However for many, the real payoff is being close enough to HOV to be granted some of his business and financial wisdom that could give you the stepping stones to becoming a millionaire. Either way, working with the “Empire State of Mind,” rapper is a status symbol and many are looking to say that they did.

Morning show host, Charlamagne Tha God, of the Breakfast Club recently posted a meme on his Instagram calling out men who pretend they’ve worked with Jay-Z to impress dates.

“N****z get around chicks & be like 'Yo bro you think I was wrong for not signing with Jay-Z.'"

The meme grabbed the attentional of some notable folks like Meek Mill who admitted that he definitely used to spit this line.

“I used to do this lol when I was like 14 .... I spoke it into existence," Meek commented. The Philly-bred rapper definitely had his sights set, considering he signed with Roc Nation, Jay-Z’s music label, in 2012. Maybe the line actually does work?

It’s no surprise that Meek humbled himself and admitted that under Charlamagne’s post. Aside from typically being transparent on his own social media, Meek disclosed some tid-bits about his life with Charlamagne, having a revealing in-depth conversation about mental health, drug-abuse, prison reform, and the rap game.

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During the intimate interview, Meek commented on using marijuana to help him sleep at night and cope with the trauma he’s witnessed growing up. “I don’t want to be addicted to anything. I think weed is not a hardcore drug, but I don’t even want to be addicted to that. A cigarette, liquor, anything.” The "Dreams and Nightmares" rapper says he plans to quit taking substances soon and choose his health.

After witnessing a high amount of young rappers passing due to opioid addiction, the 32-year-old, said that he understand he acts as a role model to those around him so now he’s all about advocating to put the pills down.

“I be having to tell the young guys, ‘yo brother that sh-t really will kill you. F—k your decision making up, Make you forget.’ And when I’m saying it to them I want them to know that this happened to me at one point.” Meek disclosed that he would take up to 10 Percocet pills a day.

Meek Mill Says His Previous Opioid Addiction Played a Role in Drake Beef - Thumbnail Image

Meek Mill Says His Previous Opioid Addiction Played a Role in Drake Beef