Antonio Brown Addresses Problematic Behavior + Ben Roethlisberger

In the midst of his current public battery and burglary case, Antonio Brown found some time to stop by the Breakfast Club.

From the moment the interview begins, Antonio clearly seems open and ready to discuss anything and everything from his current image in the public, to his relationships with former players and the newfound relationship with himself. Raider's Wire previously stated that his recent apologies he has been delivering during his "apology tour" won't last long and clearly.... AB does not seem to care one bit. Matter fact Brown says "As a man you just have to do what's best for yourself and focus on the purpose of the message". This new, refreshed and vulnerable AB said he even hopes to rejoin the Raiders one day.

Following his message of "doing what's best for yourself", Brown recognizes the importance of keeping the right people around oneself and one of those people is Tom Brady. Antonio praises Tom's role as a "special" quarterback acknowledging and appreciating the way Tom puts peace and encouragement into his teammates. Even after Brown's departure, him and Brady still maintain a great relationship with each-other saying Brady has much "appreciation, respect, and gratitude" for Brown. AB one day hopes to play again with Brady soon.

Brown opens up the importance of mental health and maintaining mental wealth. He has started to go to therapy, even realizing that by holding plenty inside, it has turned into anger, which he looks forward to extinguishing. He says not being able to play football has forced him to look at himself, his life and the people around him and clean all the negativity out of it. AB looks back on his past year -or the "wild sh-t" he's done- as Charlamagne calls, with forgiveness looking forward to improve in the future. AB even gave the Breakfast Club a gift reminiscent of his past controversy... a box full of penises.

Lately Antonio has been in the news for a range of reasons. One including being dumped from his former NFL agent, the notorious Drew Rosenhaus... Brown even claiming that Rosenhaus "gave up on him". Despite his major loss due to his former agent, Brown speaks up on the fact that Rosenhaus' infamous Miami natives and clients like; Terrell Owens, Fred Taylor, and Chad Ochocinco are known to fail outside the football field due to "being taken advantage of". Since parting with Drew, AB isn't worried one bit.. not worried about anyone, and not even worried at the idea of being broke.

Antonio Brown is looking forward to a great 2020, starting with making amends with fellow Steelers quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger following their public feud. Brown mentions that Ben and himself have both done things wrongly in the past, but he is opening up to his own decisions for he is the one in control of them. AB says he could have handled himself better but he let his emotions get in the way.

AB has plenty going for him this year so far, mentioning the help and support he has gotten from former Raiders coach, Jon Gruden. AB even saying he looks forward to a second chance working with him again as soon as he clears the cases on his hands. From here on out AB is trying to establish a legacy, as he says, focusing on himself, his music, and hopefully a triumphant comeback to the NFL.

Watch the full interview above!