Katy Perry Raises Questions About Consent Following American Idol Kiss

Charlamagne awards Katy Perry Donkey Of The Day for forcing her self on a young man who was auditioning for American Idol. In the clip, the contestant says he's never been kissed before and Katy Perry demands him to kiss her cheek After refusing a few times, he gives and and when he goes in for the kiss of the cheek, Katy moves her face so he kisses her on the lips. After the episode aired, the contestant, 19-year-old Benjamin Glaze, said he felt uncomfortable and he wanted his first kiss to be special. 


What we saw was a powerful person in the industry forced another person trying to make it to something that they were not comfortable with. In the era of #MeToo, why was this moment celebrated? There was no outrage and she was cheered on by her co-host. Regardless of gender, we need to keep the same energy when it comes to female stars misusing their powers to put males in uncompromising situations. 

Listen to Charlamange give Katy Perry Donkey Of The Day below:


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