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Mariah Carey On The Breakfast Club: 10 Standout Moments

Mariah Carey On The Breakfast Club

Today we celebrate one of the queens of music. It's Mariah Carey's birthday and we look back at her classic appearance on The Breakfast Club from 2014.  She was a ball of unexpected fun when she visited DJ Envy, Angela Yee, and Charlamagne Tha God. At first, we weren't sure what to expect since she sent a lighting director to the studio to make sure things were set up perfectly for her arrival. Out cameraman had to be placed behind DJ Envy per her instructions, so this interview will have a much different look from all of our other videos. 

In order to help you digest the information revealed in the interview, we've pulled out the most striking moments.

1. Mariah's never slept with Cam'Ron thought they recorded "Oh Boy (Remix)" and hung out often once upon a time.

2. Mariah thinks Trey Songz is model material and he's the star of "You're Mine (Eternal)" music video.

3. Working American Idol with Nicki Minaj is a time in her life the pressed "delete" because she wants to completely forget it ever happened!

4. Nick Cannon talks "too much" for her "taste."

5. There's an unreleased song with Trey Songz titled "Inseparable" which was featured on her Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel album. Mariah praises Trey for taking his version of the song to another level.

6. Being suicidal is against her religion and it's something that's never crossed her mind.

7. What many call her "breakdown" or "meltdown" in 2001 Mariah calls her "diva fit" because it was the first time she was speaking up for herself as an artist.

8. The masters to the film, Glitter many consider a flop -including Mariah- belong to her. With the masters to Glitter, Mariah's free to whatever she wants with it and the music.

9. There has been a book publisher interested in drafting a memoir for Mariah it's not the right focus. Mariah says the books trys to focus too much on her "impact on society by being biracial" and that's too heavy. The book won't come to light anytime soon.

10. Mariah's active in the lives of "dem babies" and has had to fire a number of nannies. Her most recent nanny is from Puerto Rico, but if she's put herself before Mariah in the eyes of the kids, she'll get the boot!

Watch the interview below.