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Ja Rule Thinks Ja Morant's Disturbing Decisions Were Influenced By Hip-Hop

Ja Rule & Ja Morant

Photo: Getty Images

Ja Rule weighs in on the drama surrounding NBA star Ja Morant.

In an interview TMZ Sports published on Sunday, March 19, the "New York" rapper offers his opinion on the Memphis Grizzlies star and his recent legal troubles. When asked about Patrick Beverly's assessment that Hip-Hop played a role in Morant's outrageous moves lately, Ja Rule agreed and shared instances in which rap culture inspired his decisions.

"I'm sure it is," Rule said. "Hip-Hop is very influential. I've done things in my youth because of Hip-Hop. Redman made 'How To Smoke A Blunt,' we started smoking blunts. Snoop made 'Gin & Juice,' we start drinking gin and juice!"

Morant has been under fire recently for several instances that aren't exactly becoming of a NBA player. After allegedly fighting a teenager and flashing a gun on Instagram Live, the South Carolina native was suspended by the NBA for eight games without pay. In a recent interview with ESPN's Jalen Rose, Morant said that his actions don't reflect him as a person and he takes complete responsibility for what he's done. Still, people like Patrick Beverly have had a lot to say about Morant's decisions. Nonetheless, Rule wishes him the best and pray the talented player surrounds himself with better people.

"So Hip-Hop is very influential," Rule continued. "I'm not going to say it's not. How far people take it is what it is. The thing with Ja... I just hope he has better people around him to just let him know that ain't the way. Go play ball and do you. The streets ain't about nothing. Go grind on 'em, keep ballin' and that's it. We all make mistakes. I made plenty when I was young. It happens. People just gotta get up off him and let him do his healing process and ball out."

Morant won't face charges for any of the incidents he was involved in. He's set to to return to the court tonight during the Grizzlies' game against the Houston Rockets.