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California Rapper Young Slo-Be Shot And Killed At 29

Young Slo Be

Foto: Instagram

Rapper Young Slo-Be had a promising career in the music industry before he was gunned down in cold blood.

On August 5, CBS News reported that police in Manteca had found a male body with fatal gunshot wounds after they responded to reports of a shooting. Later on, Thizzler On The Roof, the company who worked with the artist, confirmed that the man police found was Young Slo-Be. The company issued a statement about the rapper's passing on social media.

“It was an honor to work with Slo-Be the last couple of years and we’re heartbroken to say goodbye," the company wrote on Twitter. "Our condolences go out to his family & loved ones.”

In an extended statement they issued to Spin, Thizzler said that they had been working with Slo-Be since 2020 and described his success with songs like "I Love You," which went viral on TikTok.

“We had high hopes for Young Slo-Be’s career and looked forward to doing more great work together," the statement said. "This senseless act of violence has taken a man from his family and leaves a huge void in the West Coast music community. We hope to see a day where this kind of thing isn’t so common. We’ll miss him dearly.”

Young Slo-Be began to make waves in the music industry in 2019 with his Slo-Be Bryant project. Since then, he released seven other bodies of work including his Slo-Be Bryant 3 tape, which features his Mariah Carey-sampled track "I Love You" and his collaboration with the late Drakeo The Ruler "Unforgivable." Young Slo-Be passed away over a month after releasing his most recent album Southeast.

As of this report, police are still investigating the murder and do not have any suspects. Listen to Young Slo-Be's last project below.