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Jack Harlow Shares How He Feels About His Rising Fame

Photo: Getty Images

Jack Harlow has had quite the year, and the rapper has skyrocketed to fame off his song "What's Poppin" and his Lil Nas X collaboration, "Industry Baby." But when he sat down with Variety to discuss all of the changes he's faced in this past year, he revealed that he feels "conflicted" about being famous.

"Once you become actually famous, it's only half about the music," Harlow said in his interview with Variety. "They're just showing up to see you in the flesh, put you on their Snap, throw some panties at you, whether they know a single lyric or not."

The rapper used the word "conflicted" to describe how he feels about being famous, explaining "When 'Whats Poppin' came out, it was so much about the music, but this year, I feel like I've put myself out there so much that my personality's caught up with it. The fame is fun, but I have such a love fr the craft. I want to get back to it, and I'm hungry to kill s***."

The rapper also teased more about his album that's expected to be released next year. While an official release date has not yet been announced for next year, the album is expected to drop sometime early on.

In October, Harlow opened up about how he has the girls around him sign NDAs so they can hang out. He explained that he doesn't want his relationships to be shared with the entire internet, and that he prefers to keep things between himself and whoever he's talking to. Ahead of the release of his debut LP, Harlow sat down with iHeartRadio for a Q+A that saw him reflecting on his breakout year in 2020.