Kathy Griffin Talks Being Blacklisted, Les Moonves, and Her Comeback


There's a special guest in the building! Kathy Griffin stopped by The Breakfast Club on Wednesday (Sept. 12) and got candid about the past year of her life. After sharing a photo of her holding a bloody mask of President Trump, Griffin faced a swift, unrelenting backlash. While the 57-year-old comedian expected Trump supports to disapprove of the image, Griffin wasn't prepared for the White House itself to come after her. She was also devastated when her peers in the entertainment industry, many of whom she considered friends, turned their backs on her, as well. 

Griffin apologized, which she now regrets, and stayed out of the public eye. During that time, she was being investigated by the Department of Justice for conspiracy to assassinate the President of the United States. She was put on the no-fly list, as well, for two months after the photo was released. "They came at me and I lost my entire career in 24 hours," she said. "It's the first time in the history of this country that a sitting United States President has used the Oval Office, the first family, the entire right-wing media, and, I hate to say, the mainstream media picked it up." Griffin believes her first amendment rights were violated by the President. "I don't think a President should be able to keep an American citizen from making their living."

Griffin did not hold back when it came to naming names. She called out every person she believes did not have her back during the controversy, including Anderson CooperJerry Seinfeld, Ellen DeGeneres, and Wanda Sykes. She revealed that the only people who called her to offer support on the day the story broke were Katt Williams, Jamie Foxx, and Jim Carey. While Williams is a longtime friend, Griffin said she didn't know Foxx or Carey that well before they called. 

Griffin also spoke about the ousting of Les Moonves at CBS following allegations of sexual assault, as well as her feud with Moonves' wife Julie Chen. "You've got Leslie Moonves, this guy who's trying to rub his dick on people and trying to sexually assault his own doctor, but he's going to takedown Janet Jackson because she didn't call and cry. He wanted a tearful cry." While Griffin initially had sympathy for Chen because she didn't want to blame a woman for the actions of her husband, she's since changed her mind. She took Chen to task in a Twitter thread, saying she "learned how Julie has treated people from folks I know personally," and said on The Breakfast Club that "the jury is out" on her. 

Though it's been a tough year for Griffin, she's not letting anything stop her, especially not the President of the United States. She's back on the road touring again in locations across the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. After being dropped by her representation last year, it's just been announced she's signed with APA for representation in all areas. Kathy Griffin is definitely making her comeback. 


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