Kathy Griffin Explains Her Beef With Harvey Levin


Kathy Griffin stopped by The Breakfast Club to discuss her tumultuous year. The 57-year-old comedian was blacklisted in Hollywood after sharing a controversial photo of her holding a bloody Trump mask. While she laid low for quite sometime after the incident, Griffin is back in the public eye and she isn't holding back.

During her sit down with Charlamagne, Angela Yee, and DJ Envy, Griffin called out everybody who wronged her over the past year, including Anderson Cooper, Donald Trump Jr., Andy Cohen, Jerry Seinfeld, and even Wanda Sykes. While she certainly goes in on those people during the interview - she refers to Cooper as "my former friend Anderson Cooper" and says he "turned on her" - there was one person in particular who landed at the top of Griffin's sh*t list. Griffin explained her beef with TMZ's Harvey Levin, who she admits she "hates."

It all started when TMZ documented the cancellation of her tour dates amidst the photo controversy live on their site. "The cancellations were recorded on TMZ in real time, which they have never done," she said. "Then I learned that Harvey Levin talks to Trump multiple times on the phone. He's a gay who's a MAGA. He's a hard core Trumper. I just think it's ironic he's a gay guy. I said to him one time 'what do you think the Republican party holds for you? You think they're going to have your back?'"

Griffin said she believes Levin coordinated with Trump in the aftermath of the photo scandal to bring her down. When Charlamagne argued that Levin is anti-Trump now, Griffin dismissed those claims. She said, "Harvey goes whatever way the wind blows," but that she believes they are still friendly behind the scenes. 


After taking Levin and TMZ to task, Griffin spoke about her experience being blacklisted from a number of other media outlets over the past year, including those owned by American Media (AMI). David Pecker, another close friend of Trump, heads AMI, which owns Us Weekly, National Enquirer, and more. Pecker has even been drawn into the ongoing FBI investigation into Trump and has been granted immunity in exchange for information. Griffin believes Pecker helped Trump blacklist her. "I kind of love that all this stuff is coming out about David Pecker and AMI," she said. "To have everyone coming at you...people make fun of the Globe and Enquirer, except people who really believe it, but these are publications that when you're a television person or a touring person, this is the kind of stuff that even Hollywood agents believe. They think TMZ is, like, the news."

Despite her hardships over the past year, Griffin isn't letting anything stop her. Even death threats. She's currently on tour and will stop in locations across the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. 


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