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Kanye West and T.I. Have Heated Debate In Behind-The-Scenes Video

Kanye West TI

Kanye West has posted a video of a heated debate between himself and T.I. during the recording of "Ye Vs. The People." On the track, Ye goes back and forth with the Atlanta rapper, defending his choice to wear a "Make America Great Again" hat, aligning himself with far-right personalities, his recent "dragon energy" comments, and his support of Donald Trump. Sitting with various young people around them, T.I. gives a counterpoint to all of Kanye's ideas and told him he has a responsibility as an artist to his community. T.I. keeps his composure during the entire talk and seems almost like a father figure to Yeezy. You can watch the video on Kanye's website

“When you have lives lost, as artists, that gives us an obligation to stand up against all of that kind of s**t,” T.I. told Kanye. “Your intentions, from what you tell me, are pure, but the direction that you took to get there is a bit unorthodox and kind of, I would say, some people would say, thoughtless.”

Kanye said he is trying to bridge the gap between the left and the right in this country by wearing the MAGA hat. “Me putting the hat on forces an evolution. Even for me, I’ve learned so much more in the past few days because I’m getting this energy, positively or negatively, agreeing with me, disagreeing with me. If I had not done what I felt, and I just thought, then it would have never happened. And when I wear that hat, it’s like a fight for equality. Like, ‘Oh, I can wear this hat too.’” 

He then goes on to say she doesn't agree with “half the s**t Trump does," T.I. ask, "what half do you agree with? Let’s get that out.”

Watch the fascinating conversation between the two hip-hop legends below: 

Kanye West has stirred up a whirlwind of controversy after his return to Twitter. Since then, he has confessed his love and support of Donald Trump, posted a photo of himself wearing a MAGA hat, argued and made up with John Legend, released two new songs, and revealed his upcoming album cover will be a photo of the plastic surgeon who was responsible for the death of his mother.