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Charlamagne Is Withholding Information On Kanye West Until Interview Drops

Charlamagne Tha God gives Donkey Of The Day for Thursday, April 26th to himself. He knows that everyone wants him to give it to Kanye West for his barrage of tweets and support of Donald Trump. However, he wants you to listen to his interview with Kanye before he can properly discuss all of the tweets. 

Charlamagne was unable to give anyone else Donkey today because he knows the audience wants him to give it to Kanye and it would be disingenuous of him. There's one question that no one is asking when Kanye says that he loves Donal Trump. That question is why? Charlamagne knows the answer but until that interview is released he won't be able to discuss it.

Let's hope he puts that interview out soon. If you still think Kanye should get Donkey of the Day after it drops them he'll certainly entertain it.