Charlamagne Roasts Tyrese For A Well Overdue Donkey Of The Day

posted by Sam Valorose - 

Charlamagne awards Tyrese Gibson Donkey Of The Day after sparing him the title for months. Tyrese had been crying broke on IG, lied about his wife's pregnancy, and recently blamed his meltdown on depression medication. Just last week, he posted that a sequel to the movie Four Brothers was happening but only had one article from 2012 to back it up. 

Tyrese wasn't finished making an ass of himself and admitted to marriage fraud during a radio interview. Tyrese said he only married his wife, who is from England, to keep her in the country.  

Who is Tyrese trying to prove something to? We need to have a social media blackout so we don't give Tyrese the attention he craves. 


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