Internet Sensation XXXTentacion Calls Drake a B**ch, Announces Three New Projects In First Post-Jail Interview

In his first post-jail interview, underground rapper XXXTentacion, who gained a massive cult following with his song, "Look At Me," stopped by Miami's 103.5 The Beat for a candid talk with radio personality K. Foxx. In the conversation, X announced three new projects, explained the origin of his unique name, opened up about his troubled upbringing and addressed Drake stealing his style on the More Life track "KMT," going for the Toronto rapper's neck and calling him "a "bi**h."

The 19-year-old Florida rapper was released from jail a couple of days ago and defended his innocence on felony charges including battery and false imprisonment after he allegedly beat up his pregnant girlfriend. "They had no evidence from the very beginning," X said. "Due to the fact that I violated pre-trail, which is ankle monitor pretrial release, it made everything 10 times harder for me, and my Ex knew that and she fu**ed me over on purpose," he continued. 

X also opened up his toxic relationship with the ex, saying she filled a void created by not having his mother in his life. "There will be and always was a void in my heart. It was due to the fact that I didn't have a mom for a long amount of time," he said. "I grew up having to self-sooth, but imagine having to self-sooth and not doing it, just being mentally ill from the very beginning."

X's cult following were quick to note that Drake's flow on the track KMT sounds very similar to the 19-year-old's cadence on "Look At Me." A mashup track was put together by a fan that shows the similarities between the two songs. 

"He's not a man. He's a bitch, that's a bitch move, especially when I was in jail facing life." X said when speaking on Drake stealing his flow. "If Drake would have come to my bond hearing that would have made my fu**ing day. If he would have shown that he's a hospitable person and that he's really in this s**t for the culture rather than being a f**k ni**a taking my shit, running off with it then putting it on his album than he would have got my kudos, he would have got my respect. I would have let him hop on the remix, take 100 percent of the royalty rate. I would have done it." He does note that he respects Drake's influence on pop culture, calling him "a genius," and "the g.o.a.t." 

As for what's next for the underground rapper, X wants to innovate. He announced three projects on the way - an album called 17, a mixtape titled I Need Jesus The Mixtape, and another tape called Revenge. "As far as myself for an artist, I want to break all barriers," X stated. 

As for connecting and gaining his huge cult following completely outside the mainstream, X put it simply: "What is real will prosper, I love these kids and I know what it means to be alone. I know what it feels to wake up around people you're not supposed to be around."

Watch the full interview below: 

You can listen to the mashup of "Look at Me" and "KMT" below.

Photo Credit: Broward County Jail