Sanaa Lathan & Stephan James with The Breakfast Club

Sanaa Lathan & Stephan James dropped by The Breakfast Club to discuss the following topics:

- Why their character roles were important 

- The difficulty in playing the roles because of the police violence happening currently 

- Coming to set and doing prayer circles before shooting scenes

- That this show is supposed to make you look at these common police brutality situations from different angles

- Other goals from releasing this series

- That this is really a ten hour special and not an episodic series 

- Sanaa's previous roles and coming up as a black actor

- Black actresses succeeding in Hollywood

- Having her father show support as another actor

- Stephan training for his roll, not having a stunt double because he wanted to do the physical scenes

- Working alongside Sanaa, talk doing chemistry auditions and being comfortable with each other 

- Sanaa dating around, currently being single 

- What they want the audience to learn after watching this series

Check the full video interview below: